Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Skin — Chris Jones

My first attempt at a podcast has been up on Sabotage Reviews for a week or so now. It starts off dead-boring, but does get better, I promise. Sort of. Still not sure if I want to do more recorded reviews. I do like how much poetry you can cram into them. And listening, and reading the poems helped to form my opinion of the book a lot more than regular old reading with eyes alone. Quite a few things I could improve though:

  • have multiple voices, or at least one different voice reading the poems (otherwise I get the impression the poems don't stand out enough and it all sounds a bit samey).
  • have more music maybe, to form transitions for the different sections/modules of the review?
  • have sci-fi sound effects and fart noises. oh. and canned laughs, a laughtrack, of course. 
  • mix in voices from other sources, other recordings maybe. Jones had recorded some of his poetry, would have liked to mix that in. 
  • content wise? I think I was right to start with a poem. Start with something striking from the book. Something that does it justice. Sample the poetry a lot. Say little about my opinion, but let it in enough. So, maybe it could function as much as a sampler for the listener than a: this is what I think blah blah blah
  • make it shorter

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